Annette Tatum

“Patterns have a way of changing the ordinary to the extraordinary” - Annette Tatum

Annette Tatum, entrepreneur, interior designer and author, is the creator of the signature home decor and bedding lines, House and Little House. “Form follows fashion,” says the California native and mother of four, as she encourages even the most tentative among us to roll up our sleeves and dive into the world of home decorating… as long as we take a careful look at the fabric and pattern on those sleeves before we get started.

What reveals personal style more than our fashion choices? Whether your closet is full of earth-toned cashmere sweaters, eclectic bohemian prints, or crisp Oxford shirts, wardrobe style can translate into home style. Why? What you wear – the colors, the textures, the designs – is a direct reflection of your personal style. Those instinctive preferences can artfully inspire home décor. The Well-Dressed Home, Annette’s literary debut, illustrates Annette’s ideas of how to create dynamic interiors by allowing your personal fashion choices to be the inspiration of your home’s decor.

Annette’s Santa Monica based interior design and textile studio, is an inspirational and tactile haven for clients, where they collaborate with Annette in the mixing and matching of different patterns, prints and textures that work together in surprising and unexpected ways. She has designed rooms for countless clients, including Marcia Cross and Minnie Driver, and is featured in the press often in publications such as Country Living, Glamour, Elle Décor and Good Housekeeping.