Button Hold Spacer and Sizer Tool by Collins
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This handy measuring aid serves so many uses for the home sewer but most importantly it has been designed for spacing and sizing of button holes. Since there is a horizontal ruler and a vertical ruler attached forming an L shape it enabled the sewer to determine both the spacing between buttonholes and the size of the buttonhole. When measuring the size of the buttonhole be sure to allow 3/8 inch for the thickness of the button. The horizontal ruler slides easily up or down the vertical ruler to the point of measure. Other uses of this measuring aid: measuring pleats - tucks - ruffles - etc. Measuring hem depth.

CENTIMETER SCALE - The Button Hole Spacer and Sizer mounted on the front of the card is assembled for use of the inch scale. If you wish to convert to using the centimer scale than simply slide the horizontal (small ruler) unit off the end of the vertical (6 inch ruler) unit. Reverse the horizontal ruler and then slide it back onto the vertical ruler. Thus, you can see how this measuring aid can be used for both centimeter and inch measuring

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Button Hold Spacer and Sizer Tool by Collins

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