Valori Wells

Valori Wells draws her inspiration from nature, using photography to capture the images and scenes she wants to re-create in quilting and fabric design. A designer at heart, she see ideas and is able to capture them in her artistic endeavors.

A graduate of Pacific Northwest College of Art, Valori received the school's "Outstanding Photographer of the Year" award in 1997, when she graduated. Since then, she has become involved in the family store, The Stitchin' Post, in Sisters, Oregon, where she uses her talents in pattern and book design and is involved in the daily tasks of running a business.

Valori is an author of two books, "Stitch'n' Flip" and "Radiant New York Beauties," and has co-authored four books on gardening and quilting with her mother, Jean Wells. She has been designing fabric for six years. Valori finds her inspiration for fabric from her photography and the beautiful Central Oregon landscape. She finds that working in a quilt shop gives her a view into what customers want in fabric. When Valori designs she takes what she learns from her customers and her own desires for fabric to create original designs